Saturday, September 10, 2011

SFL is Underway...and Underwater

The Storm Fall League (SFL) is underway at The K Zone and despite today's (and possibly tomorrow's) games were cancelled due to rain, the start to the 2011 version has been very positive. The two areas from the 2011 regular season that needed improvement, pitching and defense, has shown just that, improvement. Walks are down and with more pitches in the strike zone, more balls are being put in play, giving fielders more chances to make plays, which they have. The offense hasn't been as prolific as in years past, but losing the GLIAC's top two hitters in Brandon James (.421 AVG.) and MLB draftee Ryan Rua (.400) will have that effect. But ask any coach and they'll tell you that the pitching always starts faster than does the hitting. Regardless, the games have been much cleaner and there has been more of a focus on the "smaller" aspects of the game (advancing runners, keeping the double play in order, etc.). Despite the increased quality of play, there is room for improvement, and it's always exciting to think about what we're capable of accomplishing.

Recent Scores
Saturday, September 3
Game 1: Black 3, Gray 1
Game 2: Green 4, Black 3

Sunday, September 4
Game 3: Green 6, Gray 3
Game 4: Gray 1, Black 1 F/6

Saturday, September 10
Game 5: Green v. Black, PPD (weather)
Game 6: Gray v. Green, PPD (weather)

Remaining Schedule
Sunday, September 11
Game 7: Gray v. Black, 9 am
Game 8: Black v. Green, 11 am

Sunday, September 18
Game 9: Green v. Gray, 9 am
Game 10: Black v. Gray, 11 am

Sunday, September 25
Game 11: Green v. Black, 9 am
Game 12: Gray v. Green, 11 am

Saturday, October 1
Game 13: Gray v. Black, 9 am
Game 14: Black v. Green, 11 am

Sunday, October 2
Game 15: Green v. Gray, 9 am
Game 16: Black v. Gray, 11 am

Wednesday, October 5
Game 17: Green v. Black, 9 am
Game 18: Gray v. Green, 11 am

Standings W L T .PCT GB RA RS
Green 2 0 0 1.000 - 6 10
Black 1 1 1 .500 0.5 6 7
Gray 0 2 1 .000 2.0 10 5

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