Sunday, March 4, 2012

Early Work: Infield Warm-up Drills

We start virtually every infield practice with a series of warm-up drills before we ever take a live ground ball. The following drill series begins with a short hop drills working on the ball hit directly at the fielder, followed by balls to the forehand and backhand. After progressing through ball handling drills* (not shown - description below), we move through a ground ball progression which simulates plays to home, first and second base. The entire progression should take 20-25 minutes and is a perfect drill series for early work.

*Ball Handling Drills: Take a ball in glove and work on transferring the ball from glove to hand by moving in circles around each leg in both clockwise and counterclockwise motions. Perform either 15-20 reps or 30 seconds (15 each direction) around your right leg, left leg, both legs and a figure 8 motion.

For more videos, check out The Coach's Cave YouTube channel. RAGE ON!