Thursday, May 10, 2012

Playoff Diaries, Day 2: Not Our Day

9:12 am - Today should have been exactly like yesterday...schedule-wise at least. Our game tonight was scheduled for 5:30 pm so we had all day to try and stay busy.

10:45 pm - We kept the routine pretty much the same as the day before so we left for the stadium to catch a few innings of the elimination game between Ashland and Saginaw Valley. SVSU got ahead early and added to their lead to survive and advance. There were a bunch of elementary school students at the game and for a second I thought it was Math Day: Part 2, but Glenn Stewart (@glflash15) didn't have anything to do with it and it turned out to be a field trip. I can remember going to some pretty cool places in school but I never went to a baseball game. I have to say I'm disappointed in that, but I've more than made up for it.

12:00 pm - We're back at the hotel with some more time to kill, which was accomplished by watching Horatio knock it out of the park with a little CSI: Miami.

3:30 pm - We left for the field a little later today because we lost the coin flip after our first game and now are the designated visiting team. There were two cages, one on each side, so the team was split in half and we could still get a good number of reps in the cage. We would occupy the first base dugout today which put us in the sun for the majority of the game. Fortunately, the temperature wasn't too high so it wouldn't make that much of a difference.

5:31 pm - The game prior to ours ended early so we were on schedule to start near 5:30. Grand Valley had knocked out Tiffin so we were the only Ohio team left. In 9 innings, we would know whether we would be in the winner's bracket finals or if we had to win our way into Saturday.

8:09 pm - We're on the bus heading to the hotel after a tough 6-1 loss to Wayne State. We struggled to get the big hit, or any for that matter. Our offense was held in check all day and we didn't quite have it on the mound either. Overall it was just a rough day at the yard. I wish I could say it was because we were on such an emotional high from last night's dramatic win, but we were just outplayed. Fortunately, like our Ohio counterparts Ashland and Tiffin, we still have an opportunity to play another game. We are scheduled for an afternoon game against Saginaw Valley, a team we split with during the regular season, at 2:30 pm. It's pretty simple, if we win, we play the winner of Grand Valley/Wayne State. If we lose, we go home. We'll see if there's more baseball tomorrow.

Stay tuned to @thecoachscave for updates during the day on the final days of the GLIAC tournament. RAGE ON!