Monday, September 17, 2012

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

The first weekend of Storm Fall League action is in the books with the Green team taking two out of three from the Black team. Contrary to usual beginnings, the hitters were clearly ahead of the pitchers in the first weekend. In 140 at-bats, Lake Erie hitters racked up 47 hits (.336 AVG) with 17 extra-base hits including 4 home runs. I'll focus on the offense for today because that is the area with the most unknowns heading into the season. This says nothing about any of the players returning, but it's hard to ignore the fact that the Storm offense lost 6 of the 9 everyday starters from last year's lineup. But the Storm lost a pair of .400 hitters after the 2011 season and improved by six wins in 2012. So despite the advanced stats, baseball is not an exact science.

The Green team took the weekend series by averaging almost 7 runs per game compared to 4 per game for the Black team. There was also quite a discrepancy in other offensive categories as well. Here's a look inside the numbers.

Green Category Black
  .400     AVG     .250
  .473     OBP      .356
  .613     SLG      .383
    32        H          15
    20        R          12
     3        HR         1
    19      RBI        11
  128       XB        78

SFL Scores
Game 1: Green 8, Black 2
Game 2: Black 6, Green 4
Game 3: Green 8, Black 4

The pitching will come around but the first two days clearly belonged to the hitters. Stay tuned throughout the fall for updates on the SFL. Stay updated on Twitter with the hashtags #SFL and #SFLStats. RAGE ON!

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