Monday, October 29, 2012

Crunching the Numbers: Hitting Stats

It has been almost two weeks since the fall ended with the Green team walking-off with an 8-7 victory in the 14th inning of the SFL Championship Game. Now that we've had time to take a breath and digest the 5-week fall season, it's time to look at how we did by Crunching the Numbers. We will start by taking a look at the offense and some of the individual performances at the dish.

The offense collectively hit .288/.365/.399 with 45 extra-base hits, including 9 home runs. As far as the team's overall productivity, they were sitting at 1.48 (meaning the average hitter touched 1 1/2 bases per at-bat). These numbers include every intersquad and SFL, and both scrimmage games against Lakeland Community College.

On the individual side, there were several breakout performances. Here's a look at the top five.

5. Sophomore Josh Hudeck (.359/.457/.410) was top five in virtually every offensive category, but Josh separated himself by the way he ran the bases. A very opportunistic base runner, Hudeck routinely put himself in scoring position with a combination of stolen bases, dirtball reads, and good anticipation. 

4. Freshman Louie Peterlin (.303/439/.576) brought home the Ryan Rua MVP Trophy (not really called that) after going 3-for-6 with a pair of doubles and 3 runs batted in during the SFL championship game. Peterlin's performance in the SFL finals just added to his fall totals where he tied for the team lead in doubles (6), extra-base hits (7), and was the leader in runs batted in (11).

3. Dylan Yankle returned for his sophomore season with something to prove. With the starting catcher job wide open after the departure of 4-year starter Nick Lovick, Yankle made his case (.425/.489/.550) by tying for the team lead in hits (17), leading outright in on-base (.489) and was second in average (.425).

2. Senior Cody Blood continued to swing the bat well after being named to the All-GLIAC team in 2012. Cody quietly put together a great fall (.405/.419/.595), and was at the top in hits (17), runs (9), doubles (6), among other categories. Add his steady defense at the hot corner, and you have a great fall season.

1. It would take a lot to surpass what Cody Blood did this fall, but if there was a performance that did, it was turned in by junior Garrett Emling. Garrett (.432/.447/.838) won the batting title by seven points hitting .432, belted four home runs, three more than any other player, and was four RBI's shy of winning the triple crown this fall. In addition to the triple crown categories, Garrett was second in hits (16), tied for the lead in runs (10), and was the most productive (2.05) with each of his at-bats.

Honorable Mention: Sean Mathews (.385/.429/.436), Pat Kilway (.345/.371/.517), Rutger Luebke (.343/.415/.371)

1. Blood 17
1. Yankle 17
3. Emling 16
4. Mathews 15
5. Hudeck 14

1. DeCamp 10
1. Emling 10
3. Blood 9
4. Mathews 8
T-5. Hudeck/Mosbarger/Yankle 7

1. Peterlin 11
2. Kilway 10
3. Emling 7
3. Hudeck 7
T-5. Blood/DeCamp/Mathews 6

1. Emling .432
2. Yankle .425
3. Blood .405
4. Mathews .385
5. Hudeck .359

1. Yankle .489
2. Hudeck .457
3. Emling .447
4. Peterlin .439
5. Mathews .429

1. Emling .838
2. Blood .595
3. Peterlin .576
4. Yankle .550
5. Kilway .517

1. Emling 2.05
2. Kilway 2.00
3. Peterlin 1.82
4. DeCamp 1.81
T-5. Hudeck/Mathews 1.74

Be sure to check back later this week when Crunching The Numbers looks at the pitching stats. RAGE ON!

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