Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cave Drawings

This month marked the fifth year of The Coach's Cave's existence and I thought it warranted a look back. This is more than just a retrospective, rather, it is more of a tribute to those who have helped me over the past five years.

The blog was created back in December of 2007 when I was in my fourth and final year coaching at Mount Union College (that's Mount Union College, not University). After the 2008 season, the original posts were scrapped and the blog was rebooted the following fall when I started coaching at North Central College. The blog has has seen a few minor alterations in color and content, there is now a YouTube channel, and the blog is now featured in The News-Herald's Media Lab (thanks to Cheryl Sadler), as well as the Lake Erie athletic site (thanks to Jason Tirotta). But the one area that has seen the most change has been the logo.

The Evolution of the Logo
It's not much of an evolution, really. It hasn't been around for too long and hasn't really undergone too many alterations (a color change in 2010) but has been used in different forms. The logo was designed by one of my former players, Jimmy Habecker, who is now an assistant coach at Finger Lakes Community College in New York. I coached Jimmy from 2004-08 at Mount Union, where he helped with various off-the-field projects, among other things but it wasn't until after we both left Mount when the logo was conceived. The logo received some outside interest in 2011, where an anonymous emailer inquired as to the availability of the logo. As you can see, there are a few different versions, which all serve a purpose in some capacity.

                                    2008-10                                                               2010-11

             2011-Current (Primary)                                 2011-Current (Lake Erie website)

2012 T-Shirt Design

I want to send out a special thanks to Jimmy, Cheryl, Jason, and all those who have helped me along the way. Here's to five more years!

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