Monday, December 10, 2012

Gearing Up for Charity: Part 2

The 24-Hour Bike-A-Thon is nothing new to the campus of Lake Erie College but this year, all proceeds from the event went directly to the Reid Rizzo Foundation. The event raised over $400 for the Foundation. We would like to send out a special thanks to Mary Walter, Student Government President, and the others who set up and worked the event, those who rode, and those who donated. Everyone's contribution was much appreciated. PRESS ON!

There were over 70 riders for the event and in addition to the baseball team, we would like to thank and recognize the following riders:

Gary Carr, JD Dorn, Louis Eron, Grace Ferut, Brian Gelter, Rich Graves, Kevin Hoogenboom, Kyle Humphrey, Michaela Isbell, Leah Jones, Richard Keay, Captain Richard Klein, Kim Mariotti, Megan McKenna, Ben Miller, Erin Nunn, Jordyn Parrigan, Venessa Patfield, Mike Prince, Deb Remington, Mike Robare, Jay Schiffbauer, Michaela Schock, Erin Stanforth, Sarah Stroope, Brittany Swansboro, Tyler Tesny, Jason Vitek, Rob Walton, Casey Wendall, Megan Wessels, Stacy Woodford