Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mind if We Play Through?

Pitchers and catchers ended a week ago and we are through the first weekend of Spring Training and each player is getting back into the routine of playing baseball everyday. As any baseball person will tell you, pitchers are on their own schedule and usually have a lot more free time on their hands than the other players. There are many activities that help keep them occupied between throwing sessions and out of the way of coaches and position players. One of those activities is called Fungo Golf.

While the specifics may vary from team to team, the basic rules are the same: pick a spot on the field and hit that spot in the fewest number of strokes. Since Spring Training is a time for players to prep for the upcoming season, Sophomore/Pitcher Russ Hogue picked up a fungo during pitchers and catchers to kick off some rust before the season opens in less than a month and work on his fungo skills.

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