Thursday, February 21, 2013

Glove...Check. Bat...Check. Spikes...Check.

I woke up a little after 5:30 this morning and reluctantly looked out my window, wondering how long it would take me to shovel the drive. After a Spring Training full of early wake-up calls, 5:30 is now routine and 6:15 is sleeping in. Today would require minimal work outside as there may have been half an inch, which was mostly a result of the wind blowing snow from the piles formed yesterday onto the driveway. Relieved, I went downstairs to eat some breakfast only to remember I finished off the box of Frosted Flakes a day earlier. So I skipped breakfast for now, I'd probably grab a protein bar when I filled up for gas for the third time this week! No matter, we are leaving today as tomorrow is Opening Day!

I still had some packing to do but not before I finished a load of laundry. But the packing is minimal for a three-day trip. Now in my ninth year of coaching, I have learned exactly how much to pack for any length of time for any of our trips. The games are easy-uniforms, sleeves, fleeces and jackets-are all I need for the weekend and a few t-shirts and shorts for lounging at the hotel. We play in the middle of all three days so we won't be doing anything after the games except returning to the hotel to rest up for the next day. It is roughly an 8 hour trip to Evansville from campus, which doesn't include stops, so we'll probably roll into the Comfort Inn parking lot between 12-1 am local time. The bulk of my packing (and the rest of the coaching staff) will be done on campus this afternoon. Chart bags, ball buckets, laundry essentials and extra uniforms are just some of the items we need to get in order before we leave campus. 

Normally, it is boring to talk about laundry and office supplies, but if you're talking about it in late-February, it can only mean that Opening Day is hours away. We won't be back until late Sunday (technically early Monday morning) so stay tuned all weekend for updates on the team. Until the first pitch is thrown, here is a little more info on what happened the past few days in Lake Erie baseball.

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