Friday, February 15, 2013

Walk (Up) This Way

The walk-up song. It can set the tone for your entire at-bat without you even knowing it. So it can be imperative to your success to pick the right song. Ok, so maybe it won't make the difference between a player hitting .250 and .300 but it is still a big choice and can say a lot about the player. It's the baseball equivalent to investment bankers designing their business cards. Walk-up songs have taken a life of their own, many players have two or three. The World Champion San Francisco Giants have a page on their website dedicated to their players' walk-up music.

Walk-up songs may have originated in the 1970's, but this guy brought the concept to life, even though not everyone was a fan. Lou Brown's gut feeling aside, there are really only two walk-up songs that will hold up to the test of time and the two players who used them technically never walk-up, they run out. They are iconic mostly because the players are iconic. The duo has combined for over 1,200 saves and are one-two on the all-time saves list and really, need no introduction. Here are the two greatest walk-up songs ever.

Well that's it. The two greatest closers with the two best walk-up songs have slammed the door on this week-long look at music in baseball. Check back later this season when we debut the Storm baseball walk-up songs as we get closer to the home opener against Ohio Dominican (March 27 at 3pm). RAGE ON!
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