Thursday, March 14, 2013

Home Away From Home

We have been back from the Carolinas for about a week and are ready to kickstart the northern portion of our schedule. Still waiting. Yesterday's double header at Cedarville University was cancelled, which has delayed the continuation of our season. No worries. After a workout on Friday, we get on a bus and head back to the place our season ended a year ago in the GLIAC tournament on Saturday morning. We will take on Notre Dame College in a pair of double headers on Saturday and Sunday. Lake Erie will be the home team on Saturday and will be the visiting team on Sunday.

This part of the year is more of a grind than any other point of the year. It is worse than five straight weeks of indoor practice. It is worse than trying to navigate through finals while competing for a playoff spot in late April/early May. It is the time of year where a team has already played a few games outside, hopefully in the sun, got in a rhythm and have developed routines for being in the out of doors, only to be confined to the small spaces of your respective indoor facility for an extended period of time before getting back on the field. This is the time of year where it takes the most mental toughness to stay on track towards achieving your team goals.

North Carolina Tar Heel head basketball coach Roy Williams once said that toughness is not losing sight of your goal by what you do or by outside distractions. The weather is an outside distraction. It doesn't matter that we have already lost three games on our schedule due to snow or rain. There are still 38 games on the schedule that don't care. There is a team we will see this weekend that won't care. There goal is to beat us in four games. Our goal is to beat them once, and then do it three more times. Kansas Jayhawk head basketball coach Bill Self says, "It doesn't take toughness to lift a weight or start a fight, it takes toughness to bring what it takes to win, and bring it everyday." We now have an opportunity to show our toughness starting tomorrow.

Weekend Schedule
Saturday, March 16: Notre Dame College at Lake Erie College, 2pm
Sunday, March 17: Lake Erie College at Notre Dame College, 12pm

Conference Play Opens
Wednesday, March 20: Lake Erie College at Ohio Dominican University, 2pm (DH)
Saturday, March 23:  Lake Erie College at Hillsdale College, 1pm (DH)
Sunday, March 24: Lake Erie College at Hillsdale College, 12pm

Home Sweet Home
Wednesday, March 27: Ohio Dominican University at Lake Erie College, 3pm

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