Monday, March 4, 2013

This Feels Right

It's finally a way. No, it's not Opening Day, but it's close. We get to play baseball. Outside. Sure the season opened last weekend but this was the feeling we were supposed to have against Southern Indiana. In three days in Evansville, we did not hit on the field once. We were able to take a few ground balls and go through our I/O routine but it didn't feel like Opening Day.

This week feels better. After a 10-hour bus ride which began at 12:30am Sunday morning, the Storm baseball team was able to practice outside, on a baseball field for the first time in 2013. In five weeks of Spring Training, we were able to get outside for a full practice once, and it was on the turf football field. This feels like baseball. Drop our bags at the hotel, eat lunch, and change for practice. Warming up on grass, taking live batting practice, infielders and outfielders reading balls off the bat, and running bases at a full 90 feet. Yesterday was a great day for the team

As a collective group, the coaching staff feels 100 times better about this week than last. Not because of the opponent, or anything to do with talent, but about our preparedness. I thought Spring Training was a good five weeks, but there's only so much you can do inside. Our hitters were no longer confined to hitting in a cramped cage having to guess whether it was fair or foul, and our pitchers are no longer pitching behind a L-screen and the batter's eye directly behind them. Yes, it's finally, as it was meant to be played.

Spring Trip Update: Lake Erie opens their spring trip today with a double header against Erskine College at 1pm. After the games, they will head to Gaffney, SC to take on Limestone College tomorrow in a single, 9-inning contest at 2pm. The Storm will continue their path north on Wednesday when they take on Greensboro College. The last leg of the trip features a double header with Pfeiffer University at 2pm. For the full 2013 schedule and to see LIVE STATS, go to RAGE ON!

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