Thursday, June 6, 2013

Developing Trust Between Pitcher and Catcher

A pitcher and catcher: two independent players, playing completely different positions with completely different job descriptions. Yet for overall team success, they must work together. Their relationship is a delicate one, and many times the two are not on the same page. Most of their problems arise when calling a game.

In most high school programs, the duty of calling pitches is left up to the catcher. However, it's not just the catcher calling the game, since the pitcher can shake off a sign. Obviously, the tandem works best when both players are in agreement.

Pitcher-Catcher Trust
Trust is the only way for this to work. For a catcher to call the right pitch in the best location in any situation, he must trust the pitcher's ability to execute. In return, the pitcher must trust the catcher's knowledge of the hitter and the opponent's lineup.

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