Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's All in the Hips

Whether you like to pivot on your back foot or raise upon your back toe, hip rotation is essential to driving the baseball efficiently.

If you watch the best hitters in the MLB, you will notice that they forcefully drive through their hips, transferring energy from their lower body to the bat and helping them add sizzle power to the ball.

To see how this works, try swinging with only your arms and note the difference in power.

Here are a few baseball swing drills designed in a progression to isolate hip rotation, then translate it into live hitting power gains.

Toe Point
This drill can be done with either a tee or partner.
  • Start by addressing the plate in your normal stance.
  • Pivot your back foot and point your toe toward the pitcher.
  • Keep your hands back and your shoulders square to the plate so that you can jumpstart the transfer by focusing on your lower half.
  • From this point, take your normal swing.
  • You should feel your hips rotate and transfer weight.
  • Keep your shoulders closed so your front doesn't open.

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