Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Short Hop: 8/31/13

The first week of Fall Ball ended after Friday night's intersquad game. It was the second such scrimmage of the week. Like I wrote after the first scrimmage, the first of anything always has the most energy and excitement. The same can be said for the first week. Yesterday's players had just as much aggressiveness and made just as man

The Score: Black 6, Red 4. Lineups

Offense: There were a lot more extra base hits than in game one and there seemed to be more opportunities where base runners advanced an extra base on in-between hits, balls in the dirt, and throws from the outfield.

Defense: There were a lot of plays made yesterday. Somebody has to make an out or the game would never end, but for the most part, both defenses went out and made plays. With the exception of one big, bad inning where the Red team plated four runs, it was a pretty clean game. The infielders showed good actions and attacked each ground ball and the outfielders did a nice job tracking the ball while battling the sun. The pitching was very solid again, limiting the walks and throwing quality strikes.

Overall: The absence of communication on a swinging bunt resulted in the crooked number and was really the only blemish on the day's action. It tied the bow on a great first week.

Quote of the Day: "No excuse coach, but I thought it was caught." Freshman/outfielder Mike Lorenz on getting tagged out between first and second after base hit.

Up Next: The Pumas will enjoy the Labor Day weekend before getting back to work on Tuesday. The team will intersquad again next week before their first live scrimmage against Kankakee Community College next Saturday at 11am at Gil Hodges Field.

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