Friday, October 18, 2013

Fist Pump Friday: LCS Edition

As the League Championship Series' games dwindle in number, the pressure mounts with each moment. And with the pressure, so to does the intensity of the celebrations, namely the fist pumps. Not all of these are technically fist pumps but they are in the ballpark. So without further ado, here is the first full edition of #FistPumpFriday.

 The "scored an early run, let's keep it going" fist pump

 The "one game closer to winning the pennant" fist pump

 The "I'll show you 'Mickey Mouse stuff'" fist pump

 The "getting a huge double play by the defense" fist pump

 The "post fist pump clap after crossing the plate" fist pump

 The "extra innings double" fist pump

 The "I'm on fire and can hit anything" fist pump

 The "great feed on that double play" fist pump

 The "quiet the crowd, take two of three on the road" fist pump

Not a fist pump but who doesn't love a "Victory Line"

Stay tuned for more postseason fist pumps on #FistPumpFriday.

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