Monday, September 28, 2009

Welcome Back

We wrapped our first week of fall ball yesterday after a 10-inning intersquad scrimmage at The Zimm. I don't really remember the score but there were a lot of memorable plays and performances during the course of the day. A few of the freshman looked like seasoned veterans and some players looked a little rusty. There is a different setup to this year's fall ball from 2008. We have a better understanding of our personnel so we can spend more time on developing the players we have instead of finding out what our players can do.

The Mondays and Wednesdays will primarily be individual work while Fridays and Saturdays will be mostly team days, with Saturdays consisting of intersquad games. The fall will conclude with the Riverwalk Series, a three-game series in October.

  • Craig Stefan ('87) will enter into the North Central Hall of Fame during this year's Homecoming Festivities
  • Michael Corrigan, Mike Kloss, Nick Robinson, Jeremiah Torres and Andrew Wulbecker participated in the CCIW Scout Day on Sunday night
  • Brendan Ryan hit the first home run of the fall in the third inning of Sunday's intersquad game
  • Mike Charles made efficient use of his time on the mound, retiring the side on six pitches